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Don’t Trust Everything Your Mind Thinks

When it comes to success in business and in life, there’s really only one thing that matters. This one thing is so important that it can decide and determine your future and whether you will fail or succeed. This one thing is so powerful that it can even decide whether you will live or die. […]

Book - Purpose Driven Life

Book Review: The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren I read The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren in 2017 and it completely changed my life. After reading this book, I concluded that hypothetically, if ever a time came where a person was only allowed to read two books in their lifetime, my two recommendations would be […]

Meeting to Discuss Feedback

The Importance of Giving Feedback to Others

Giving and receiving feedback is an important part of being a leader, supervisor, and manager. The goal of giving feedback to your employees, partners, and colleagues is to provide them with information designed to help improve results as well as their relationship with you and the others in the group. Giving feedback can be a […]