Book Review: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy

I was in Arizona on vacation and I had completed reading my current book and I didn’t have one in reserve so my brother in law, Chris (Co-owner of BGL) loaned me this book.

To be honest, when I first starting reading this book, I was skeptical about the content it possessed. The turning point for me was when I learned how to wake up without an alarm. There are detailed instructions on how to do this along with many other great techniques to activate your sub-conscious mind to work in your favor.

Main Idea and Themes

In essence, we all know about our conscious mind. We use it every day when we think. We think about what we are going to say, we control our actions, we control our thoughts. The subconscious mind is a part of the brain that we don’t control, it is autonomous. Our heart beat, digestive system, body temperature and so on are controlled by our subconscious minds. That being said, the gateway to our subconscious minds are through our conscious minds. A great quote out of this books is, “your subconscious mind, takes the orders you give it.” This means that you can impress your subconscious mind by telling it what you want it to do.

I mentioned waking up using no alarm. Basically, the best time to speak to your subconscious mind is in a drowsy state (right before you turn in) for about five minutes or so before your bed time, you can speak to your subconscious mind and tell it what you want to do. I put this to the test for a month straight and would give myself various times that I wanted to wake up: 4:30 am, 5:00 am, 7:29 am and so on. I never missed a wakeup time. I set a backup alarm just in case, but I never had to use it.

There is more to this book than just waking up in the morning though. There is great advice on healing from an ailment, finances, relationships, career, and much more. It is all based on how you think about things. If you say things like, “I am never going to get my dream job” the subconscious responds to that statement seriously. On the contrary, if you say “I speak with poise and confidence at the ceremony,” you’ll be amazed at how the subconscious mind reacts and produces your desired state.

The biggest take away that I drew from this book is that our minds are so powerful and our self-talk is equally powerful. If we control our thoughts, if we control our self-talk, we can get better control of our very own lives. Émile Coué said, “when your desires and imagination are in conflict, your imagination invariably gains the day.”


I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to use the special treasure that they have between their very own ears. I think anyone who applies what is taught is this book will benefit greatly.


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