Book Review: The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Book - Purpose Driven Life

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

I read The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren in 2017 and it completely changed my life. After reading this book, I concluded that hypothetically, if ever a time came where a person was only allowed to read two books in their lifetime, my two recommendations would be the Holy Bible, and The Purpose Driven Life. That goes to show you how much of an impact this book has had on my life.

The things that I discovered answered many of the questions I had about life and it ultimately brought me to my calling that God has for me. This book opened my eyes to what life is really about and why things happen the way that they do. The book has forty chapters and it is designed to be read one chapter a day for forty days. The reason for this is to develop you spiritually over the course of time. I did not miss a single day of reading and I read it cover to cover in the exact way that the author wanted me to. Over the course of the forty days, I learned why God made us the way that he did. I learned that we are all bespoke and that we have our own specialties that no one else has. We have individual gifts that only we can use to fulfill our purpose here on earth. I also learned that having an eternal mindset is much more important than a worldly mindset. God sees our earthly life much more differently than we see it.

After reading this book, I starting to think and act differently towards things that will resonate in eternity. My entire mind was reprogrammed after reading this great book and my life was completely changed. I have always had the gift of making and handling money well, but after learning the difference between wealth building and kingdom building, my entire perspective changed anent finances.

This book hits every area of life. It discusses building a relationship with God, work ethic, continual learning, relationships, finances, gifts and goals, and so much more. My favorite chapter I think would have to be chapter sixteen. It discusses relationships with others and it taught me so much. It is the best chapter that I have ever read in my life and I made sure to mark it so I can always reference it when dealing with people.


I don’t have enough great words to mention about this book. I will leave you with this though. If you have any questions about your life and why you exist, this book has great answers. If you don’t find the answer in this book directly, you will learn how to purify to heart and seek guidance from God himself. I highly recommend this book. God Bless you, and God bless your life.


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