Book Review: Volcanic Momentum By Jordan Ring

Upon request, Jordan asked us to read his book and let people know what we thought. I would like to start off by saying I am very grateful for Jordan and his request. He does amazing work and writes extremely well. The thing that I admire most about Jordan is his faith in God and his desire to help other people. He is truly gifted and Build Grow Lead is honored to do a review of this great book.

I finished reading this book in January 2019 and it was a perfect book to read at the beginning of the year. This book set a precedent that will carry me through the entire year and much further into the future. It is a great read and I was fully immersed in the book. Each page had valuable information in it that was very beneficial to my own development and personal growth.

Jordan has an incredible writing style that is both informative and entertaining. He uses real-life stories and comedy to bring the reader proven techniques that will encourage, motivate, and inspire people to perform at their best. This book is loaded with great quotes and Jordan’s vocabulary is extremely strong which portends his desire to grow himself and pass on valuable information to others.

Main Idea and Theme

Jordan really pushes the need to be “Obsessed with Action,” that is so important for any amount of achievement. I have become a better leader, businessman, teacher, friend, family member, and ultimately, a follower of God from this practice alone. Action could very well be one of the most important words in existence because the power that it yields.

Another thing that I really took away from this book was the need to have an accountability partner and mentors. Jordan describes this as the biggest point of all. I completely agree with him because we were not designed to go through life alone; teams will always go further than individuals. In my own life, I have never accomplished anything alone, I have always had others around me who gave me insight, direction, and encouragement. I owe so much credit to so many people and it was very reassuring to read what Jordan wrote about in regards to having mentors. It took me down memory lane and I was able to recall so many great influences in my life.


This book is great for anyone who wants to develop themselves and accomplish more in their lives. It doesn’t matter if you are already achieving great results or are barely getting started on your journey to greatness; this book will add value to any reader and it can take you further than where you are currently. If you want to produce better results, have more energy, accomplish more in your day, learn a ton, and enjoy the process, then this book is definitely for you. I highly recommend it and I know anyone who reads it will benefit.

Thank you so much, Jordan for allowing me to read and review your book. I wish you the best in all you do and I pray for nothing but good things to come your way. God Bless you, your family, and all of your future success. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

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