Don’t Trust Everything Your Mind Thinks

When it comes to success in business and in life, there’s really only one thing that matters. This one thing is so important that it can decide and determine your future and whether you will fail or succeed. This one thing is so powerful that it can even decide whether you will live or die. What is this thing you ask?  The human mind of course!

Everyone knows that the mind is a powerful thing. God designed this amazing piece of biological machinery to be unimaginably more complicated and powerful than anything else known to exist in the universe. Indeed, the human mind is a controlling and influential wonder of creation. What’s just as amazing is the fact that within all of us is a mind capable of changing the world. With only a thought we have the ability to do anything that we desire.  We can bring good upon the world or we can arrange for its destruction and demise.

“Man can alter his life by altering his thinking” – Unknown

Statue, Sculpture, Thinking, ManNegative Mindsets Lead to Negative Outcomes

Our mind is so powerful that it can actually hold us back from accomplishing anything and everything. Negative thoughts and mental limitations can prevent you from succeeding in life. Just like a physical barrier can prevent someone’s passage, so to can the mind prevent you from transcending your beliefs about yourself and societal norms. When your mind tells you that you can’t do something you must learn not to trust it. Don’t believe negative thoughts that may limit you and cause you to stumble and fall.

It’s not uncommon to hear negative thoughts and think negative things much of the time. Our brain is naturally risk-adverse.  It fears the unknown and it fears change. Fear is the most common thing holding people back from success. This sort of “protectionist” circuitry can lead to complacency and comfort but not to greatness.  Those who wish to succeed must step outside of their comfort zone and take a risk. Your subconscious mind is always trying to keep you within the boundaries of your comfort zone. Successful people know how to stretch themselves and go beyond their comfort zone in order to grow.

“Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly at first.” – Brian Tracy

Distrust the Negative Thoughts

How many times have you heard that you can’t do something or that it won’t work from either yourself or others? How many times have you told yourself that you weren’t good enough or that something is too difficult to achieve? Or what about hearing a mental voice saying that you can’t learn something because you aren’t capable or that the time isn’t right? If you’re hearing these thoughts in your head, or even if you’re hearing them from other people, you must learn to realize that this negative self-talk is holding you back from experiencing success and true happiness.

Negative self-talk will prevent you from accomplishing your dreams and will often lead to unachieved goals and an unfulfilled life. People who have negative mindsets don’t accomplish much because they have no drive, no motivation, and always seem to blame others for their problems.  They don’t believe in themselves and they give up too easily. A person with a self-doubting mind cannot achieve greatness. If you find yourself lost in negativity, don’t trust your mind. A negative thinking mind is a liar, a cheat, and a thief who misleads you and steals away your future. You can’t have what you criticize so make sure that you maintain positive outlook about the things that you want to achieve.

Believe in Yourself

Redirecting Your Mind and Changing Your Life’s Trajectory

When you hear negative thoughts within your mind you must learn to ignore them. For every negative thought you hear or think, you must begin the practice of countering it with a positive thought. Just like the epic battles of good versus evil, your mind will toil over positive and negative thoughts. As you flood your brain with positive affirmations, you’ll feel the battle within your mind as things begin to transition from “I can’t” to “Maybe I can” and then on to “Yes, I can!”

Reading positive books and watching encouraging and uplifting videos are great ways to improve your mindset.  Furthermore, surround yourself with people who stand for your success. With practice and persistence you’ll soon learn to live in a positive state of mind. With the power of your own mind you’ll be able to overcome any negative proposition, including the most prevalent ones such as doubt and fear. The subject of positive thinking is of the utmost importance when it comes to success in this life.

Spirit silhouette green background

The Body is Subordinate to the Mind

If you really think about it, your body, your actions, and your words are really just physical manifestations of your mind and your spirit in this world. So it would follow then that a mind filled with positive and encouraging thoughts would lead to a physical existence filled with positivity and a boldness to succeed.  Furthermore, a mind and spirit that is in control of one’s body is an individual who is ripe to achieve the extraordinary. I’ve written much about the power of positive thinking. To continue reading on this subject please check out my article called: “You are What You Think about Most Often.”

Again, I remind you to not trust your mind when it is being negative. Instead, take control of your thoughts and start to turn things around for yourself. Taking control of your thoughts will lead to taking control of your actions and ultimately to taking control of your life. You have the freedom and the will within you to accomplish anything that you ever could imagine. First develop a desire for something greater in this life and the seek the wisdom and knowledge to transcend your former mental limitations. With persistence and patience, your life will turn around. All change and success comes from within.

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