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An open book on a rock near the river.When I was in junior high we were required to take a reading class which consisted of reading a chosen book for an hour at a time. We had to complete the books and then we were required to take tests on them. This consisted of answering multiple choice questions that pertained to information in the book. I think that out of the entire class I was probably the worst reader. I remember always daydreaming and looking around at my classmates who were fully engaged in their books. I spent many hours of my junior high school years just sitting and waiting for the bell to ring. Reading was certainly my worst subject. I don’t think I even passed the class. In fact, I think that the teacher was just lenient on me and let me barely get a “D” so that I could compete in sports. It’s been many years since I was in that class and things sure have changed. This article is going to discuss the effectiveness that reading can have on one’s life. Reading is exercise for the mind which can allow you to achieve far greater things than you ever thought possible.

Electricity moves about the brain.

One Technique to Improve Reading Comprehension
The catalyst that made me the reader that I am today was a video that I found on YouTube which was posted by Matt Morris. He discussed his reading techniques and the use of a journal. He said to write down key points in the book then highlight even stronger key points to help you remember them. This technique enabled him to internalize the message much better and commit it to memory to save it for future reference. Check out Matt Morris’ life changing video below. I highly recommend that you watch it.

When I started applying the great techniques that I learned in this video I saw a change in how I focused on books and articles. I started looking for important information in the text and the daydreaming and mind wandering no longer controlled my time. I was finally able to increase my attention span allowing me to focus more on the material. Many times have I heard people say that they read but they can’t remember the information that they read. Using the technique of journaling, you not only remember the information better but you also have a reference nearby always ready for when you need it. By writing notes, it makes the time that you spend reading pay off much better in the long term.

Rows of books on a shelf in the library.Benefits of Reading
Regular reading has so many benefits it’s amazing. The first and most obvious benefit is that your vocabulary improves. Studies show that people with higher levels of vocabulary hold positions of greater authority, and make more money. They can also speak with more intellectual people resulting in improvement of their own intelligence. Well-spoken people are more attractive and people are more attentive to them as well.

Another benefit is that your logical thinking ability improves greatly. Listening to things stimulates your emotions, but reading things enables you to comprehend things logically. Both of these are very important and you should always try to make time to read and to listen to positive audio recordings. The information you can gain through reading and listening to positive audio recordings is paramount to a healthy mind.

You may have heard that the average CEO reads over 60 books a year. Reading is a huge priority in the lives of top performing people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Tai Lopez, Dave Ramsey, and Brian Tracy. These men have a wealth of knowledge and are all huge financial successes. There are many more people that I can name who have experienced the power that reading can have in one’s life. With consistent reading habits you can also experience this power.

Reading can catapult you into a totally different lifestyle. In just one year’s time of adding daily reading into my life I have found answers to questions that I have been searching decades to find. I realized that I wasn’t looking in the right places and that books held the knowledge I was craving all along. My understanding of things around me, whether it be in conversation, questions, the problems that I faced, helping people, confidence, and my learning curve, grew to an incredible degree.

A big book overshadows a tree on a hill.Tips to Start Reading and Learning More
Three things that you can do immediately to feed your mind are: 1) Start reading daily, at least 30 minutes to an hour, 2) Listen to audio recordings in your vehicle while you commute, and 3) Attend seminars every chance that you can. Many people who give seminars have also written books that explain the information in greater detail.

I learned these three tips in a book by Brian Tracy called “Eat that Frog.” Applying them has been incredible for my life. I highly recommend this book and if you’d like to get a copy you can purchase it on Amazon: Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time(affiliate link). The audio book is also available on Amazon.  Hearing the book helped me internalize the information to higher degree than just reading it alone.

I personally have transformed my vehicle into my own university. I have a dictionary and flash cards of words and definitions in the car, and I sometimes keep a small book there as well. If there is a time where I am early for an appointment I can spend 10 to 15 minutes in study. I also have a plethora of audio books, seminar recordings, and audio recordings of motivational speakers that I listen to as I drive. On occasion I will listen to music, however, most of the time in my vehicle is spent on learning as I drive. I highly recommend that you use your time spent in travel to your advantage. Educate your mind as well as getting to where you need to go at the same time. The time spent reading like this adds up over time. By using every available minute to read and learn I have seen big improvements in my life.

Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.” -Francis Bacon

Reading Makes You a Better Writer
There is definite connection between the human mind and the human hand. When you write, it enables you to dig deep within in your mind to articulate what you want to put on the paper. It causes you to think at a much higher level because you will search all of your knowledge from within and blend it to put your own personal spin on what you are trying to say. Reading increases your ability to write well. Now I really like reading, but I love writing. I feel so blessed to be able to write in these articles and share with you the things that I have applied in my life. These things have impacted my life in a great way. My hope is that your life is impacted as well and that your life, and the lives of those in your circle also become better. When you grow, everyone around you grows as well.

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