Five Financial Tips To Help You Succeed on Your Journey Through Life

Your future is determined by what you do with the time you have leading up to it. In regards to retirement, we can all start planning and taking action now. The sooner we start the better. I really trust in our country’s economic system. It yields more rewards than we know, but we must capitalize on it in order to make the most of the economic opportunities that we have in front of us.

Furthermore, I strongly believe that educating the mind is paramount. Many of us don’t reach our full potential due to lack of knowledge and a lack of commitment. Each and every one of us has the capacity to develop ourselves into a newer visage that carries with a multitude of talents and abilities that we can’t even imagine.

Our formal schooling might end one day, but our education should be perpetual. Money is a strange thing. If we have it, it won’t solve all of our situations, but without it, it can amplify the pain of every situation that we face. This is proof that we must acquire a healthy relationship with money. Below, I will give some tips that I know will help with a person’s financial journey.

1: Model the Behavior of Successful People

Financially successful people have been studied for years. We know their habits, routines, and their strategies. If we learn what they did and then repeat the same techniques, we will get a similar result. Yes, times have changed, but not all strategies are outdated. Things that worked centuries ago still work today. If we figure out what successful people do and then do what they do, success comes to us in a rapid fashion. If we take a trip from Colorado to California via automobile, the fastest and most efficient way is the paved road. Success is exactly the same. Take the paved roads.

2: Read Books, Lots of Them

There is a direct correlation between reading and the quality of your life, especially in finance. Developing the habit of regular reading can enhance you in every way depending on the books that you read. Gumption would tell us that reading Harry Potter will do little for our Financial IQ. Now I like fiction as much as the next guy, but it’s the books of intellect that really make us grow. I will never criticize fiction because there is value in creativity and imagination, but there is also value in reading educational material as well. I encourage all to make this a daily habit. It changed my life and now reading is so addicting, I can’t go a day without yearning for it.

The number of books available in this arena plentiful. Here’s a couple of influential books either myself or my colleagues have read (Amazon Referral Links):

3: Do the Work You Love to Do

When selecting a career the best advice I can give is to make sure it is your passion. You need to Love what you do.  If you are not living your passion, you are setting yourself up of for making money in a miserable way. You dread your work and the people you work with are getting cheated because you are not at your highest level. If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. This is the best career advice that was ever given to me and I made my career choice according to this. I am so glad that I did. When you live your passion, good money will be the by-product.

4: Growth and Contribution

Earning money feels good, but developing yourself and giving to others will generate a feeling like no other. When you are learning every day it will satisfy a deep internal need. The feeling of significance comes with personal growth.

The other important ingredient of significance is contribution. If you have countless zeros behind your bottom-line, degrees upon degrees on the wall, trophies on every shelf, and a position in society that society calls reputable, it amounts to nothing unless you have love in your heart. You can give without love, but you cannot love without giving. Giving to others is a remarkable thing to do and no degree of earning ability can replace it.

I have always said, the only feeling better than earning a million dollars would be to give a million dollars away. I truly believe that because that shows what’s in your heart. Doing for others instead of only caring about yourself a display of a loving heart. It is important to fill up your cup first. You can’t give what you have never had, so ensure you fill yourself with love, joy, and peace, only then will you be able to reciprocate that to others.

5: Maintain an Eternal Mindset

This earth is already on its way out and life is short. So many of us plan for our worldly future, but more importantly, we should plan for our eternity. Streets paved with gold awaits those who accept the savior.

In addition to this, our legacy will live on after we die. What will we leave to a surviving spouse or our children? What will the world think of us when we pass? Don’t live your life regretting the impact you could have made on the world had you made different choices with regards to your finances.

I trust that anyone who follows the above techniques will find themselves during their retirement years in complete peace.

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