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Thousands of years ago, people were doing Tai Chi. Its origins are from the orient and it has spread across the globe to where now anyone can learn, practice, and benefit from Tai Chi.

Tai Chi means Supreme Ultimate Boxing and it is a form of Martial Arts. Some practitioners use it for combative reasons, but stress management and health are also incredible uses for this powerful art.

I first heard of Tai Chi from my father when I was a youngster. He told me that he didn’t know what it’s supposed to do but millions of people across the country were doing it.  That was about the extent of the information that I had on Tai Chi at the time. A few years later, I was in a store and came across a basic Tai Chi video. It was in the old VHS format and I purchased it. The video was very well produced and easy to follow.

What I admired most from the Tai Chi lessons was the gentleness and serenity of the movements. Breathing plays a big part when you are doing Tai Chi. It has been said that when you control your breathing, you can control your whole being. I believe that to be the truth. Breathing techniques alone can relax your mind and make you a more focused and composed person. This coupled with energy-producing movements, such as those in Tai Chi, makes for an extremely powerful combination.

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The Energy Within Us

In essence, “Chi” is energy. Our bodies have multiple channels that transfer Chi throughout our entire body. When a person does Tai Chi, they build positive energy and open these channels so the Chi can flow freely throughout their bodies. Chi blockage is caused by sitting all day, bad posture, stress, and lack of activity. When a person does Tai Chi, even for only a few minutes a day, it releases positive energy that can heal you, relax you, awaken you, and even increase your lifespan.

I believe in Tai Chi because I have seen it work and have experienced it first-hand. The first story I will tell you is about my mother. Around the same time that I bought that VHS video, my mother had problems with her shoulder; tendinitis to be exact. She had this problem for a long time – I think for more than a year! Nothing she tried ever worked to heal her. When she started doing Tai Chi, it only took a few short sessions and she immediately started to feel better. That was probably two decades ago, and to this day, she has never had any problems in her shoulder. More recently, she has had a lot of pain in her legs. The pain was so bad that she would start to limp as she walked. Within a matter of months of practicing Tai Chi exercises that focused on the legs, she began walking without issues and all her pain subsided. I have personally seen it heal her and many of the practitioners around the world express the truth about the healing benefits that Tai Chi has had on their lives.

The next example that I will give you is my personal experience with Tai Chi. I use it as a standing meditation. One form that I have used on many occasions is “sinking the Chi.” I stand with my feet shoulder width apart, eyes closed, arms relaxed at my sides, with deep slow inhales and exhales. In my mind I visualize with my exhales first, breathing out all negative energy. Each time I breathe out, I see negative energy leave my body and dissipate into the air above me. I visualize it as black, dirty matter, almost like tar. I clear all of this negative energy out of my system until my lower Dantian is completely empty. The Dantian is basically a pocket that stores energy and can be activated for use, and with practice, you can activate it on command.

The human body has three of these Dantians. The one I am referring to and most commonly referred to is the one just below the navel. For more information on the three Dantians, check out this page here: Once all of my negative energy (stress, anxiety, pain, fear, hate, doubt, anger, etc) is removed I then visualize with each inhale, good clean and clear positive energy. I view this energy in my mind’s eye as vibrant and crystalized. It glows and is very radiant. This energy represents love, adoration, peace, joy, fulfillment, etc.

Yin and Yang

As I inhale, I intake this positive energy through my airway, down through my lungs, below the sternum and into my Dantian. I do a number of these deep inhales until I visualize my Dantian fully expanded and inflated with this positive energy. Then with a deep inhale I bring both my arms up (with palms facing upwards) slowly in front of my stomach up to my chest and the turn my palms downward and exhale. While my arms move back down, I envision all of my gathered chi sinking deep into my core to the depths of my Dantian. Then I see it burst and rush through every fiber of my body. My core begins to tighten and a huge surge of energy flows throughout my entire body. It feels electric and extremely powerful.

I typically use this technique before a competitive event such as a race or a match of some sort. This has worked for me for many years and it has always enabled me to perform at high levels. Another variation of this technique is to sink your Chi into your Dantian and instead of releasing it throughout your body. You store it and allow it to reproduce positive energy for your entire day. I usually do this in the morning after I exercise. I will get about an hour of good physical activity in, then do some static stretches, and then do my mediation.

This routine can really set you up for success for your upcoming day. A good night’s rest with good physical exercise, good stretching, a positive/clear mind with flowing energy channels, combined with good hydration and good nutrition is a complete power move. If you want to be successful in any arena of life, this routine will increase your performance to an incredible degree.

Tai Chi works. I have seen the benefits of Tai Chi first hand. For thousands of years, people have been doing it. It is one of those skills that is easy to learn and easy to apply. The results are virtually immediate and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their health, their performance, and their life.

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