Discovering the True Character and Untapped Potential Within Us

The way you carry yourself has a huge effect on how you perform. In his book “Unlimited Power” Tony Robbins describes the importance of physiology. Physiology refers to your body, your walk, your mannerisms, and your posture of which you have complete control over. Your psychological state is affected by your physiological state. You can see it in people’s expressions every day. Through simple observation you know when a person is angry, stressed, or worn out. Their body language, when viewed from the outside, tells the story about what’s happening on the inside.  Click here to purchase “Unlimited Power” on Amazon (affiliate link).

Control Your Mindset and Moods
One of the fastest ways to change your mood is to change your physiology. When you establish the body language of a highly energetic, high performing, elated, well-mannered person, you will find that your mood will improve drastically. My best friend once told me to wake up every day smiling. He said, “When you wake up smiling it immediately puts you in a good mood right from the start and it can carry you through your entire day.” I have done this many times in my own life and there is a lot of truth to his advice.

There are other factors that you will have to apply to yourself if you want to keep your mood and physiology at its peak level. For instance, a person who isn’t eating well, doesn’t get the proper amount of sleep, or worries about things going on in their life will have a very difficult time enduring the day and performing to their full potential.

If you want to walk this world with charisma, energy, a light step, and the ability to think quickly and if you want to be on top of your game day in and day out then you need to maintain positive and empowering daily rituals. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, staying well hydrated, along with being well rested, and maintaining a clear mind combined with a positive mental attitude, a positive self-image, positive self-concepts, and competence in your field is the best way to bring out your highest potential and best performance.

You have probably experienced personally, or have seen someone else, always look in a good mood, have the right answers, make all the right moves at the right time, get two or three times more work done than everyone else around and be able to keep a pace that most people would crash if they tried to keep up with. This kind of performance is attributed to positive daily rituals as described above.

The Body is a Machine
In your life you must get all the wheels spinning if you want to succeed beyond the average. Getting all of the wheels spinning is essential to high performance and a positive self-image. Let me illustrate with a question. Which tire is the most important one on a car? All of them! If you took one away, would the vehicle be able to perform like it’s supposed to? Obviously, taking one tire out of the operation would have detrimental effects on the vehicle’s performance. The human machine is similar, if you take away health, rest, or mental positivity, it will not perform to its full capacity. You must get every wheel spinning in order to roll smoothly and efficiently. The more wheels you take out the worse your performance will be.

Reputation Matters
You should learn to build the reputation of always being energetic, always smiling, and always being in a good mood. People want to work with, and work for, positive people. They will want to be around you and your presence will light up the room improving their lives as well. A good reputation will encourage others to strive to live the same way as you do; they will want to model your behavior. It is truly an amazing thing when you develop good daily habits. It can become so common that every day you will bring your “A” game. You can develop a set of specific standards for yourself and eventually it will become so embedded in your character it will define who you are. Anything less than your best will soon feel awkward and uncomfortable. This is the level of performance that you want to establish. Great leaders across time have mastered these essential steps allowing them to become the best in their field as well as making them highly admired and respected from those around them.

Building a Foundation
People have a natural tendency to be drawn to a person who carries themselves with pride and who is well established. If you want to earn respect you must be a respectful person. If you want people to listen to you then you must be willing to listen to others. Everything in this universe is mutual. You will reap what you sow. If you plant a tree, then a tree will grow. If you plant wheat, then wheat will grow. If you plant positivity, then positivity will grow. The best thing you can ever plant is love. Love everyone and love yourself, love God and love your life. This is essential to building a strong foundation in regards to communities, businesses, organizations, marriages, families, or any relationship for that matter. All of these things should be built on the foundation of love. When things are done in love, all other positive actions can bloom. It’s as if everywhere in the world there are tiny seeds of greatness embedded in the soil; love is the water that makes greatness grow. Love might be the most powerful word in the dictionary, because everything that interacts with it responds in a positive fashion.

Final Thoughts
You have amazing potential within you. Untapped potential. The richest place on earth is not the gold mine, it’s not the diamond vaults, or on wall street. The richest place on earth is the cemetery. When a person passes away it’s as if the most precious thing in existence is forever gone from this earth. How many talents were never used? How many ideas, books, inventions, knowledge, and abilities were never brought to fruition? Every time I walk in a cemetery I can’t help but think about how much greatness is beneath such sacred ground.

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    Many people fail to realize the importance that the body has in enabling you to be successful. This is a great article which helps to shed some light on some key areas that everyone needs to spend some time on during their personal growth journey.

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